[Rezension] „Wherever You will Go“

[Rezension] „Wherever You will Go“

4. August 2016 Aus Von Grey

Hier ein paar Daten zum Buch:

Titel: Wherever You will Go (englische Ausgabe)
Autorin: Stephanie Smith
Preis: 3,99€ E-Book / 10,36€ Taschenbuch
Erscheinung: 10. August 2014
Anzahl der Seiten: 304

Reihe: Try Again Book – 1


I loved the Story about Saxton and Brooke. This Book is filled with pain over A huge lost, friendship, the will to start new things and the suprise to find love in someone you didn’t thought of. Saxton is a very loyal friend, he’s protective, caring and honest. He speaks his mind. I’m blown away from this Story and very glad about the Ending. This Story is showing us to fight for ourselves and never give up if something feels right for you. I really enjoyed reading this. Follow your Heart an good things will happen.
5 Stars / 5 Sterne